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Are you looking for a way to leverage your company to meet the business management solutions of customers in virtually any small and medium-sized organization? If so, a unique and exciting opportunity awaits you.

Link Automation Limited is committed to providing our business partners with reliable products and great technological vision while resting on a foundation of dedication to customer satisfaction, innovative marketing programs, expert pre-sales assistance, and prompt support services. Quite simply, no other business management solution software provider offers their business partners more competitive, all-encompassing product solutions and partner programs. We invite you to join us!


With increasing demand for our products, your revenue opportunities have never been greater! We have the strength and knowledge to maintain our rapid growth — even in an unpredictable business economy.

Discover our Competitive Edge
Link Automation Limited is the leading provider of business management solution software, with a worldwide group of business partners serving the needs of thousands of customers in many countries.

Leverage a High Growth Market
We exclusively address the small and medium-sized business marketplace (SMB), which includes businesses with up to 1,000 employees. Our product family satisfies the industry specific needs of companies in this market space through its more than 20 years experience and extensive development resources. As the leading provider of business management software with many customers, our core applications are well suited for SMB organizations.

Integrate and Migrate – A Unique Opportunity
The focus of our development strategy centers on delivering reliable solutions that are built from the ground up on the most current business platforms with hooks for integrating a wide array of productivity tools and office applications. Integration of applications is essential to providing customers with responsive business management systems that give access to all required functions from one source. In addition, integration enables centralized control, automatically updating related system modules for real-time reporting and analysis. It also offers the ability to add new applications as they become available. Further, our product strategy incorporates agile and fully integrated software functionality with our customer's business processes. Consistency in this area across our product lines has paid off because we can offer customers a smooth transition when they are ready to migrate to a more robust solution — retaining customers for life.

To have a Link Automation Limited representative contact you to discuss our Business Partner program in more detail, complete and submit our partnership info request, or call us at +91-11-731-2531285

Build Customers for Life

We are dedicated to providing customers with a single source for all of their business software needs. This commitment to customers encompasses offering software products that will most effectively fit their needs today, with a straightforward migration path for the future. Part of our Customers for Life philosophy will give your customers long term confidence in our wide array of powerful, proven software solutions.

This commitment to customers encompasses offering software products that will most effectively fit their needs today, with a straightforward migration path for the future.


Our Markets

Dedicated to building dynamic business management software solutions that are positioned to win the SMB customer, we develop our products so that your customers can easily choose from a myriad of solutions.

Integrated Accounting
Companies can benefit greatly from our accounting solutions designed to easily accommodate growth and smoothly migrate to the next level of sophistication in our Flash Business Suite.

At Link Automation Limited, the functional needs of manufacturers are a major focus. Our solutions span the spectrum from small, custom job shops to multiple warehouse operations and process manufacturers.

Our distribution solutions meet the specialized requirements of durable or non-durable wholesale distribution companies, regardless of the size or nature of their businesses.

Human Resources and Payroll Solutions
Managing a company's greatest asset — their employees — often presents major challenges to growing organizations. Our integrated line of HR, payroll, benefits, and compliance solutions provides comprehensive and robust tools that streamline critical employee-oriented business processes.

Practice Management
To meet the needs of CA firms and accounting professionals, we offer an array of management and productivity applications. Many accounting and CA firms currently use our practice management software products to help them improve efficiencies in managing their firms and CA activities.


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