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When choosing and implementing ERP software it's reasurring to know that with Flash Business Suite you are in safe hands. Our team of professionals will guide you through the process of installation, staff training and ongoing support

  • Partnersip
    Selecting a supplier of a software solution for your company is to choose a business partner. Both parties need to work together in productive co-operation. The goal of our partner programme is to deliver on the effective implementation of a business solution that is crucial to the future success and efficiency of your organisation. We recognise our responsibility to ensure that our products, our implementation and support services, are to the very highest standard. We have a long list of successful implementations in manufacturing and distribution companies acknowledging the importance we attach to this business partnership.
  • Project Management
    Flash Business Suite’s professional project management consultants provide planning and support services throughout all phases of implementation, working closely with your staff in order to minimise lead times and ensure a successful implementation. Drawing from the experience of many successful system implementations and Flash Business Suite’s standard implementation methodology, our staff are able to offer expert advice in the development of plans and strategies, training requirements, operational procedures and data conversion methods. Flash Business Suite’s comprehensive Implementation Guide enables those companies that require a fast implementation to move the project forward quickly and efficiently from day one. It is not unusual for companies to implement the entire suite of Flash Business Suite software within 3-6 months.
  • Education
    Once the software is installed, it is vital that your staff become efficiently trained to take fullest advantage of the new computer system. Flash Business Suite’s experienced and qualified staff will give hands-on training covering all aspects of Flash Business Suite either at the client's premises or the dedicated classroom training facilities at Head Quarters. Once initial training has taken place our implementation team can help to map Flash Business Suite to your company's business processes, ensuring the smooth and efficient take-on of the new computer system.
  • User Groups
    The Flash Business Suite’s User Group is run by the users for the users. It provides companies using Flash Business Suite, the opportunity to meet for discussion and debate. User Group Meetings provide valuable ideas and feedback for software development, as well as a forum for information exchange between different users with regard to their experiences and methods of operation. Smaller "break-out" workshops are often additionally held to concentrate on specialist areas where a more in-depth analysis is taken
    The Flash Business Suite customer website provides users with instant online advice and updates.
  • Support
    Full support is provided by hot-line telephone, fax, modem, ISDN, e-mail and on-site visits. Flash Business Suite‘s aim is to provide rapid response to customer enquiries and problems. The Flash Business Suite support team can develop and deploy solutions to customer problems and install them directly onto your computer remotely via telephone lines.

    You can email the Flash Business Suite customer support team :


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